Saturday, May 10, 2008

Solar energy or Wind Power- maybe you are ready

The cost of solar and wind power installations keeps dropping, for the most part, with occasional, temporary price rises in the solar area if silicon supplies are an issue. The following links all point to a site that offers information on practical solutions and tax rebates in different regions.

Here are a few ways you can bring solar power to your own home with the help of expert installers:

1.1kW Grid-Tied Solar Electric System

1.9kW Grid-Tied Solar Electric System

Here are a few ways to bring wind power to your home:

Air Breeze Land Wind Turbine

Skystream 3.7 Grid Tie 1.8kW Wind Power System

Here is a battery to store the clean power you generate:

Xantrex XPower 1500 W/60 AH BATTERY

I hope that you find these resources useful.


Maria Surma Manka said...

Hey Jim! I couldn't find how to contact you on your Green Chemistry blog but I just wanted to say thanks for adding me to your blogroll and I am adding GC to mine as well,


Sue said...

Liked your thoughtful post on Blue Island Almanack.
This is useful information, hope to be able to afford it soon!

Jim's Words Music and Science said...

Maria and Sue: Thanks for your kind and supportive feedback. Best wishes, Jim